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Artspark #65: Depict a place you dream of

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Depict a place you dream of

It is not a place desired, or a place remembered, at least not consciously, though I think there are bits of other places, other times woven in.

There are only the stairs.

Stairs sometimes carpeted and muffling my footsteps, sometimes hard and echoing under my feet. Stairs which lead up and then down, interrupted by landings of sometimes ludicrous shortness, and then up again round corners and curves which lead...to more stairs.

Oh, there may be doors along the way. I think there are, but they are irrelevant. It does not even occur to me to try them.

Where I am going is somewhere else. The stairs may, must, should lead there, but I cannot remember, and so I go up and down, around and around until I wake.
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