kairon13 (kairon13) wrote,

Artspark #85

Make a three-minute drawing of what anger looks like. Then write about something that makes you angry. Crossposted to artspark


What makes me angry?

You there with your nose in the air,
Your superior look and your condescension,
Treating others as less than human...

Soulless beaucracy makes me angry. Lack of compassion makes me angry. People who won't listen, who want to make others fit into their own preconceived little boxes. Who won't hear a cry for help because they've already decided the young woman bleeding her life out on their doorstep is an attention seeker. Who think all drug addicts are violent, worthless scum who have only themselves to blame, that all homeless people are useless wasters. Who judge a woman who makes the hard decision not to carry her child. Who take the children from a mother who has done all she can to protect and care for them, while they stood by and offered no help.

It makes me angry. But anger is not sufficient. I need to speak out.

It makes me angry that so often I do not speak out.

Tags: anger, artspark, picture

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