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Artspark #98

Crossposted to artspark

Make a short short story of ten sentences beginning with consecutive letters of the alphabet.

Alone at last, Rowena took the jewelled box from her pocket.  Barely daring to breathe, she opened it the tiniest crack. 
Dust, shining, rainbow coloured, flew out and danced away on the light breeze.  Everything it touched glittered in the sunlight, vitally alive in the spell of the rainbow dust.  For a moment Rowena just stood there, mouth open, entranced by the beauty and unable to act. 
Gathering her thoughts together, she called out to the butterflies which were fluttering around the garden.
"Help me, my friends, to put the magic dust back in the box before Mother finds out I have lost it all."  
Immediately the butterflies began to brush all the dust-covered flowers and stones with their wings, placing each captured, sparkling mote in the box which a relieved Rowena held out to them, until almost all the dust was returned.  Just the smallest trace of magic remained on each butterfly's wings, to bring a little beauty to the world.