kairon13 (kairon13) wrote,

Artspark #124

Pride. Make a 3 minute drawing of Pride and then write about what pride means to you.

Originally uploaded by constantweader.
Rainbow people bright as butterflies, dancing and celebrating in the sun. A mother fiercely defending her gay son from the hard words of taunting bigots. Lovers arm-in-arm - an army of lovers.


A little girl fighting the stubborn tangle of a shoelace - "I can do it myself". A woman going without dinner so her children can go to bed with full bellies.


The puffed up pride which goes before a fall. The pride of a nation which is built on the humiliation of other nations.

Knowing that what has been done, has been done well, has been done to the limits of ability. "This is mine, and it is good."

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