kairon13 (kairon13) wrote,

Artspark #121

 Write from the points of view of two strangers sitting opposite each other on a train or bus.

I wish the children would be quiet.   I wouldn't mind normally, they're good kids, but that woman opposite me must think I'm a bad mother letting them run around like this.  She looks so smart and organised.

What lovely children!  I love the way the little boy has to show his mother every page of his book, as if he can't really enjoy it unless he shares it with her.  And the girl is so excited about the journey, she is chattering away and jumping up to look out of the window.  Their mother looks such a comfortable, approachable person.  I wish I could be as relaxed as she is.

Oh, she's watching Alice - I hope she's not going to complain about her jumping on the seats.  I do tell her not to, but I don't want to be nagging all the time.

She's noticed me watching them - maybe she's thinking what a sad, dried up old spinster I am.  I'll try smiling.

She's smiling - she thinks it's funny that I can't cope.  Well, I'll ignore her and look out the window.

Now she's ignoring me.  Probably thinks I'm a weirdo.  I'll ignore her too.
Thank goodness I get off next stop.

Thank goodness I get off next stop.

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