kairon13 (kairon13) wrote,

Artspark #139

My autobiography in 10 chapters - list the chapter headings.

Chapter 1 - Green in the Valley - the Rhondda years
Chapter 2 - Poetry and Protest  (with some Rugby League)
Chapter 3 - Let Loose at Last - that first Manchester year
Chapter 4 - I Got Stoned and I Missed It
Chapter 5 - The Demon Cat From Hell (and some people)
Chapter 6 - No HATs in Hulme - I become a tenant activist
Chapter 7 - All Fall Down - the exodus from Lingbeck
Chapter 8 - Ch-ch-changes - new man, new home, new job.
Chapter 9 - Those Weird Book People
Chapter 10 - And From Here, Where?

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Tags: artspark, autobiography

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