kairon13 (kairon13) wrote,

Artspark #144

Things which are gross: (but not quite 50!)
Crossposted to artspark

A slug in the salad
Half a slug in the salad.
Cat puke.
Finding cat puke by stumbling half-awake and barefoot to the bathroom.
Chicken livers.
Builders' bum cleavage.
One hundred and forty-four.
Undercooked egg whites - they look like snot.
Picking your nose in public.
Picking your nose in public and eating the contents
Picking someone else's nose in public.
One hundred and forty-four people picking their noses in public.
Dogs licking themselves.
Overcooked sprouts.
Farts in a lift.
Farts under the duvet.
Throwing up.
People throwing up in the sink.
One hundred and forty-four people throwing up in the sink because they've found half a slug in the salad.
Trousers so low I can tell if she's had a Brazilian wax.
The spitoon joke - don't ask.  Please don't ask.
Trying to think of 50 gross things.  Hey, that's 7200 things...

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