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Artspark #141

Write the horoscope you would like to read tomorrow


You will experience a burst of energy today.  Things which you have been putting off for weeks will suddenly become no problem, and your creative juices will be flowing freely.  Don't expect to get much sleep, as your brain will be buzzing with ideas for art and writing.  This is the start of a new and more productive phase for you.

There will be good news from friends.  The post may bring surprises.  Watch out for lobbed kittens.

A financial windfall will make the travel you have been dreaming of possible sooner than you think.  Don't forget to pack your bubbles.

An opportunity will open up for you to do something with your life which will make a real difference to the world.  You may find the prospect a little scary, but it will be exciting too.

Your lucky colour is purple. Of course.

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