kairon13 (kairon13) wrote,

Artspark #153

War, and the pity of war

Notes for a picture I may never finish.

Background - a ruined landscape, the shells of houses.  In one broken window a brightly coloured curtain flutters raggedly, bravely.  Above, in a sky lit with a smoky redness, the ghostly grins of politicians, self-satisfied, and their dead, dead eyes.

Middle distance, right - a pieta.  A woman holds a dead or dying young man in her lap, his head thrown back so that his gaze is towards the red sky and the grinning policians.  He wears a uniform, but his face is almost that of a child.

Foreground - a broken doll.  A rag doll  lies sprawled awkwardly, one arm detached and lying some distance away.  Her sewn face is still fixed in its smile.

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Tags: artspark, notes, war

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