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Artspark #166

Write about a garden from the point of view of one of its inhabitants.

Well, it certainly looks different from up here - the big coloured food-things look brighter from the top.  And I can't believe it took me so long to climb up one of the green towers.  They look so small now.  They were tasty though.  I remember what it felt like to eat and eat and eat, but I can't seem to fancy it any more.  It's not been the same since the change.

I'd rather just flit around, feeling the warmth of that yellow thing up there.
The giant is heading this way, with the rain-maker.  I'm glad I can get out of the way now - it used to be horrible when the water kept pouring down so hard on me.

Who's that over there?  He's very handsome.  Prettier than all the food-things. I feel like ..like dancing in the air..and yet somehow sad...as if something were almost over. Perhaps there is another change coming.  I wonder what it will be?

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