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The nice people at Lush

madame_urushiol had been wondering what the Demon in the Dark soap from Lush was like, so I called in there earlier today to check it out.  The problem with sniffing at products in Lush is that there are so many competing scents that it's hard to pick one out from the rest, so I thought I'd buy some tortry it if I could get a small piece. (The precut pieces were about 200g, rather more than I wanted if I didn't like it!)  I asked the assistant if she could cut a smaller piece, and explained that I was trying to found out what it smelled like for a friend.  She said that they didn't sell pieces smaller than 100g, and I was just about to buy a piece that size when she said  "But I can cut you a sample to try."  Fair enough, I thought, expecting a tiny, one hand-wash sliver.  She cut and packaged a chunk which must have been a good 40-50g, with a cheerful smile and no suggestion that I might want to purchase something while I was there. (I did - I was almost out of Flying Fox shower gel - but I didn't feel obliged to.)

Oh, and how did it smell?  Fresh, clean - not toothpastey, though the mint was there, and the cloves.  I liked it, and will probably get more once I've used up my generous sample :)

I am really tired tonight - I have been feeling as if I were tranquillised, and not in a good way - an effort to move and especially to think coherently.  This seems to be happening too much for my liking lately, and I may have to mention it to my GP next time I see her.
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