kairon13 (kairon13) wrote,

Taken from bookczuk

Change One Letter Meme

Change one letter of the bottom word posted and see how far the word gets. You cannot add letters- the word can only be 4 letters long. In this version, non-English words can be used if they are defined for us unenlightened folks, and slang is okay. You cannot rearrange the letters or use a word already on the list. Clear as mud? (ie foot can go to loot or fool, but not to foto). Copy and paste the list into your journal and add your word to the bottom. along with your LJ name. And if you're feeling kindly, post in the journal that you got the meme from so that person knows the list is growing!

bookczuk chose the starting word: book

bookczuk: book
kairon13: boot
resqgeek: boat
Tags: meme

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