May 31st, 2006

Dear diary

Artspark #40

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What would happen if you suddenly got your greatest desire?

To obtain desire
I must know desire.

What then, if I only desire to desire?
Want more than mere velleities,
half-born wishes and cramped ambitions?

Or if my desire is to be desireless,
To be free even of those tiny sparkings?

To desire everything, to desire nothing:
Each simple and pure.
And between?

Between is where I stand.

Artspark #38

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Write a poem or tale, or make a painting or drawing, in which an animal figures prominently.


Soft-walker, night-seer,
Bane of mice,
Tail-flicker, string-chaser,
Lapper of milk,
Loud-purrer, lap-warmer,
Wrecker of sofas,
Litter-scatterer, spider-killer,
Stealer of hearts.