June 14th, 2006

Dear diary

For artspark #44

Write, draw, collage about ending a friendship.

This is one way:
The swift amputation.
Words sharp and sudden as a guillotine.
The shock numbs.
If you survive, the pain will flower later.

A careful surgeon could restore it,
Stitch by loving stitch.
The scars will fade in time

Another way:
The slow poison.
Words unspoken, festering,
Resentment growing insidiously
Until all is corrupt, is toxic.

Lancing is painful,
Opening fresh wounds,
But it can cleanse.

And then this:
Love withering unused.
Dear diary

For artspark #31

Write a poem of 20 lines or less, in which the name of a color is
frequently repeated. Consider the symbolic associations of the chosen

She was green, new to love,
And his green eyes quite overthrew her.
He tended her carefully,
Green-fingered gardener bringing her to flower.
The meadow's lush greenness around them
Hid the serpent's green coils.
Who knew the heart could suffer
A greenstick fracture?