September 20th, 2006


Artspark #147

Write from the point of view of a life-class model who is being distracted from keeping her/his pose by...what?

Well, this isn't as bad as I thought - the room's quite warm, so not too many goose pimples.  And I barely blushed as I slipped the robe off.  Most of the people in the painting class are women, which helps, and they're all shapes and sizes, so I'm sure they won't be laughing at my cellulite.

Take up my pose - careful, don't want to get myself into a posture I can't hold.  If I sit like this, with my legs here and my right arm there, I should be able to keep that pose for ages.  And it hides my boobs a bit from the earnest looking young man on my right.  I'm sure he's very nice, but still...

The woman with the curly brown hair is painting really fast - she's just slapping that paint on.  She seems to be enjoying it, anyway.  Not like the tall woman with the blue rinse - she looks as if she's in pain, scrunching up her forehead and biting her lip.  Hey, I know I'm no supermodel, lady, but it's not that bad...

What is that tickling my foot?  Is there a loose thread on the cloth they've draped on this chair?  How annoying!  I wish I could move it just a little bit.  Maybe if I move very slowly no-one will notice I've changed position a smidgen...


It isn't a loose thread, is it?  It's moving.  Those are little legs.  Little spidery legs.

At least, I hope they're spidery legs.  Because if they're not...

It's moving up my leg.  I wish I could turn my head.

I think...I think I'm going to scream...


Well, at least Mrs BrownCurlyHair got something out of the class - her Naked Middle-Aged Woman Screaming turned out a treat.

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