September 29th, 2006

Love being a writer

Artspark #157

 Nameless.  Write a poem of 10 lines or more with no nouns, proper or common.

Let them dance.
Ugly-beautiful, they grimace or rejoice,
Let them pirouette, twist, twirl,
Stamp, gesture, stretch themselves,
Sweaty, desperate,  ecstatic
It is nameless,
You cannot speak or hear it,
But they may find it
When they dance.

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Love being a writer

Artspark #123

Open the nearest book and let your gaze choose a line. Make art based on that sentence.

"I know darn well she was lying." The Case of the Empty Tin - Erle Stanley Gardner, p.101

"It doesn't matter.
It's not important, not at all.
Of course I don't mind, don't be silly."
I know darn well she was lying.

"I'll call you soon.
Or maybe write.
We'll keep in touch despite the distance."
I knew darn well he was lying.

"It's in the post."
"We're on the case."
"Someone will be there first thing Monday."
You know darn well they are lying.

"I don't need you.
I'll cope alone.
I'm strong enough to do the whole thing solo."
Oh darn it, don't you know I'm lying?

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