October 12th, 2006


Artspark #168

Missing letter - write a poem of at least eight lines, on a theme of your choice, without using the letter 'e'.

No 'e's :)

I toss and turn all night to no avail.
My pillow damp,  I watch as night turns morning,
Hoping to nap an hour or two till day.
Dark turns to light.  I watch that clock -
From two till four is days long,
From four to six a month.
And still no balm, no comfort.
An itch for which I find no satisfaction .

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Is it just me?

LJ seems to be going somewhat wonky on me - it has been having fits of only showing day-old posts on my friends page, today it refuses to show kitsunecharmed's latest post on my friends page, and now it is being stroppy about the lj user code in the subject line of my previous post.

Still, it's letting me read and post and stuff, so I can't complain too much.  Just wondering if it's me or LJ :P