November 16th, 2006


This is why I dislike people who don't use bcc

I just received an invitation to join Friendster from someone I don't know. I thought maybe it was one of my LJ or BC friends whose 'real' name I had forgotten, and was just about to post here asking if anyone knew who it was. Then I thought to use the search facility in Gmail to see if her name showed up.

Yep, she was on the list of about a gazillion names at the top of a 'funny' email which had been forwarded to me. A gazillion people, all with my email address so they can send me spam...

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Artspark 205

Falling leaves.

Your message reached me.
I'm not quite sure
How to interpret precisely what it said -
I never learned the language of flowers, even,
Still less that of autumn leaves.
The general import was clear enough:
I send you beauty, you are in my thoughts.
I'm a little shakier on details.
Is the precise shade of gold significant?
The size?  The subtle gloss?
No matter. Love is there, at any rate.

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