November 28th, 2006

Love being a writer

Artspark #217


A fugitive smile, more sensed than seen,
Shy admission of pleasure;
A trusting smile, open, without agenda;
A smug smile, lips pressed together
Holding back happy secrets;
Best smile of all, the unexpected,
The taken-by-surprise-by-joy -
A sunshine beam of pure delight.

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Love being a writer

Artspark #208

Write a poem of at least 10 lines about a season of your choice, using no adjectives.


Outlines of trees against the sky
Are reminders of loss.
Ice covers everything:
Grass, houses, cars,
Skeletons of leaves.
Water stiffens in the fountains
And fingers stiffen in the wind.
In the park, though,
The children laugh as they skate;
They do not fear falling.

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