December 6th, 2006


Artspark end of year draw (crosspost)

There's still time to post to the artspark community and qualify for the prize draw.

The names of everyone who has posted a piece of art or writing by 21 December will go into the hat, and the first one out will win a surprise parcel (most of you said this was the preferred prize).

Everyone will have an equal chance (except moderators, who will be ineligible), as requested by kitsunecharmed .  So even if you've never posted there before, you've got as good a chance as anyone!
Forever blowing bubbles

The Year in Review meme

Copy and paste the first two sentences of the first entry in each month from 2006. (No memes, quizzes, or dumb junk like that.)

(I also left out artspark entries and some locked posts - didn't leave too much to work with! My goodness, I'm a depressing so-and-so.)

Just a cold coming on, but I really don't want to be at work - my head is full of cotton wool, and I can't concentrate at all.
And Parcelfarce still have my mp3 player :(

I've taken a couple of days sick leave from work. I feel like a bit of a fraud, as there's nothing drastically wrong, but I just feel exhausted and wrung out after the last couple of days, and haven't slept too well.

I went to visit my parents yesterday.
They don't live far away (an hour by public transport on a good day) but I don't visit very often.

I'm aware that I've said very little in this journal lately apart from posting a few memes.

There isn't very much going on in my life right now.

"We can do no great things - only small things with great love." Katherine Mansfield

I found this today, and just wanted to share it.

Can't get into my friends page again.

Will catch up with you all tonight - email me or post a reply to this if there's anyhing I need to know before then (or if you just want to say hi!).

Just to say that I'm back from the Unconvention, tired out but in a good way, and trying to catch up with you all.

I'll post my account of the Uncon and upload pictures soon, but just to say if I've missed anything important in your posts I apologise, and send hugs and vibes and smooches to all of you who need or want them.

Is it me or has LiveJournal been very quiet the last few days? And my email inbox is uncharacteristically empty.

Just a quick update(because I'm tired out and off to bed in a moment)

Went to visit my mother this evening - she is off the morphine and back in touch with reality - slightly embarrassed at some of the stuff she was saying

Hey, MartiP, A tarot pack you might like:

(Edited because I forgot to close my pointy brackets in the subject line!)

If anyone feels like calling me on Gizmo (or IMing me, or emailing me...) that would be good - I'm having a mopey-for-no-good-reason afternoon and a bit of company would be nice.

I should be feeling good - it's a lovely bright (if cold) autumn day here.

Too tired and it's too late for a proper journal entry, but briefly:

The conference went surprisingly smoothly (a few too few folders, and a distinct shortage of vegetarian options at lunch, but on the whole something of a success.)