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The BookCrossing Forums are down, no-one's in yvi-1's chat room, so...

I dug this one up from Danadoodle's old journal entries.

You scored as A Too Sweet Faerie. So sweet your totally sugared up! Has there ever been anyone so nice. Quick to forgive and quick to forget, everybody wants to know you! You've just got to make sure nobody takes advantage and tries to use you, don't be afraid to say no sometimes!

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A Too Sweet Faerie


A Too Astral Faerie


A Too Silly Faerie


A Too Depressed Faerie


A Too Lazy Faerie


A Too Kinky Faerie


A Too Sporty Faerie


A Too Serious Faerie


A Too Evil Faerie


Which Dysfunctional Faerie are You?
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