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For Artspark #344

"Dear __________________________  Please excuse [your name] from _______________________ today because ________________"

Dear World
Please excuse Kairon from being nice today, because it is a religious holiday.

As part of the celebrations of St Tallulah's Day, it is necessary for Kairon to express the true bitchiness of her nature.  She is obliged to get in touch with her Goddess-given annoyance, tetchiness and downright snarkiness.

I realise that this may cause a certain amount of inconvenience to those with whom she comes in contact, but please ask them to respect her deeply held beliefs and get the *#"$@"* out of her way.

Cross(ly)posted to Artspark



Apr. 5th, 2007 10:58 pm (UTC)
*Claps hands**

I love it!