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Interesting - thanks, WingedMan

The Talented Novice

Conditions met: 58%. Talent: at least 75%. Possible advantages: 54%. Mastery: about 45%

With sharp senses and an imagination that constantly wanders, you'd
make for a great Lucid Dreamer. With a bit of practice, you'll be there
in no time. You definitely got the talent!

Conditions: Your sleeping habits are average; there's room for
improvement, but all in all, it should be no problem. If you did well
in the other categories, it will hardly bother you if there is one
candle missing here and there, and you certainly won�t miss the
potpourris or �Soothing Ocean Sounds Vol. 3�-CD either. Not ideal if
you are still learning, though.

Talent: Sensual and intuitive, you are most likely going to have
the least trouble learning how to lucid dream, and your dreams will
certainly be vivid enough to make it an experience to remember. Good
for those who want to learn how to Lucid Dream in order to go on a
sex-spree with their favourite novel characters. Don�t forget to pat
the book before you go to sleep though. Unless you have serious trouble
sleeping, it will come to you very easily.

Advantages: You may experience difficulties in taking as well as
keeping control. Maybe you should try giving yourself a break from hard
work to do something creative, or treat yourself to a relaxing activity
of some sort; it will certainly do you good even if you don't aim for
Lucid Dreams.

Mastery: You are just beginning to learn about Lucid Dreaming,
and that�s okay � every journey has its first step. If your sleeping
conditions are ideal, it will be a very successful first step. By
writing down your dreams you will remember more details each time. If
you contemplate things around you with high awareness the intensity of
sensations within dreams will increase. You should try asking yourself
10 times or so per day if you are dreaming, and if you make this a
habit, you may continue doing it in your dreams, which can trigger a
lucid dream. (Thanks Third Eye for this info! It was taken from this book.)

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My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 28% on conditions
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You scored higher than 66% on talent
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You scored higher than 66% on advantages
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You scored higher than 28% on mastery

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