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For Artspark #350

Elemental.  Poetry or art which includes the four classical elements.  Extra credit for the inclusion of the fifth :)

The journey of water:

From the sea, through clouds, through rain; through thirsty bodies; by river to the sea again.

The journey of air:

From breeze to lungs to cleansing leaf of tree; from whispered kiss to distant lover's cheek.

The journey of fire:

From blaze of sun to ripened grain; from spark to flame to ember and to ash.

The journey of earth:

From autumn's perished leaves to rich loam at trees' roots; slowest of journeys, drift of continents.

The journey of spirit:

From water gasping into air; reaching next for fire's brightness; returning at weary last to earth.

[Note: The more observant among you may notice that the above contains exactly 100 words...]
Tags: 100words, artspark

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