kairon13 (kairon13) wrote,

For Artspark #339

'Drinking from cracked cups'.  Write what this phrase suggests to you.

Drinking from cracked cups

He is drinking from a cracked cup
And he resents it -
A reminder of his poverty,
How he has fallen.
Once there were cups of finest bone china.
The water he drinks is bitter.

She is drinking from a cracked cup
And she is grateful -
There is a cup,
And it is not empty.
Once there was only constant thirst.
The water she drinks is sweet.

And you?
You hold your cracked cup to the light,
Tracing its flaws,
Treasuring its broken wholeness.
You drink deep
Without resentment or gratitude.
The water you drink
Is water.

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Tags: 100words, artspark, poem

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