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Oct. 17th, 2007

If you haven't seen this thought provoking video about the global warming debate.' it's worth checking out, and maybe passing on.


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Oct. 17th, 2007 10:43 am (UTC)
Thanks! Interesting! I wonder if the debate is already shifting? Even George W seems to agree now that climate change is happening, thanks to the political success of Al Gore's film. George wants some of that too.

The only doubt in my mind is whether humans are causing climate change, or whether it's happening anyway and we're merely contributing to the pace of change. But as this guy says, that discussion doesn't really matter. Let's just make sure we're not sawing the branch we're sitting on!
Oct. 18th, 2007 02:11 am (UTC)
It says "This video is no longer available."
Oct. 18th, 2007 09:12 am (UTC)
That's weird - it's still there for me.
Dec. 26th, 2007 05:10 pm (UTC)
The human genetic bottleneck has happen before due to a cascade of events in history much as this future genetic bottleneck will occur. The issue is that as a species we look up at the clouds and pry that someone will protect us from ourselves… it has already been shown that we are responsible for our own actions, or the lack of those actions to correct issues.

This problem is global and when we cannot even agree to talk with one another due to mostly religious ideologies we will fail as a species.

People will tell you I am always at the top of that list to point out just how Darwin is very correct on one thing… Evolution will happen! No matter what the human race thinks about it, evolution not some human created God will take hold and do what they do best, regardless if the human race walks atop this flat dragon infested planet or not.

The future has already been set into motion, we all know what row has been selected and until we stop sitting on our asses and stop asking someone else… some supreme all powerful being to fix “OUR” problems, then that future with even more religious hate filled control monsters will take hold. Because we all know that once it all starts to crumble inward and people start to die off, it will be not due to our inaction to fix a problem human or natural. But rather because of some revengeful master being who watches over us. You know the My God said I’m better then your God and says I can have more food, more fuel, more… more …more.

STOP the madness! Nope it’s just not going to happen. You have to change thousands of years of one group of human’s manipulation another in the name of a belief that was written down in a very chaotic time for our species. We needed rules and guidelines and what better place then up in the black sky filled with stars, comets and asteroids streaking across the darken skies.

My hope… yes I have hope! My hope is for that special day… that day we do make first contact and it is like ‘V’ or ‘Independence Day’ and we finally get it. But I’m sure if we managed to pull it all off and survived some out-world attack it’s not due to all the hard work and education the human race put into it… but rather to that all powerful God that saved us all and we get to start it all over again.

Evolution just happens we think because we make better machines to kill off each other it makes us better then the tree swinging poo flingers… I’m here to tell you if any species measures itself by the number of new weapons it can create for its own destruction then we are at the top of the class.

p.s. If you need some all powerful being for guidance in morality, compassion and love then you need more help then even they can provide you.

Love & Peace Always...All ways,
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