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Just wanted to share

I am re-reading Creatures of Light and Darkness, by Roger Zelazny, and wanted to share this passage.

Let there be ten cannon crashes and remove them from the air and the ear, preserving the nine crowded silences that lie between. Let these be heartbeats, then, and felt through the body mystical. In this still centre, place a dry skin which has sloughed its snake. Now, let there be no moaning at the bar should a sunken ship return to port. Instead, withdraw from the dreamdark thing, with its rain like rapid-fire rosaries of guilt, cold and untold on your belly. Think instead of broken horses, the curse of the Dutchman, and perhaps a line by the mad poet Vramin, such as, 'The bulb resurrects the daffodil, within its season.' If you have ever loved anything in your life, try to remember it. If you ever betrayed anything, pretend for a moment that you have been forgiven. If you ever feared anything, pretend for an instant that those days are gone and will never return. Buy the lie and hold to it for as long as you can. Press your familiar, whatever its name, to your breast and stroke it until it purrs.

Trade life and death for oblivion, but light or dark will reach your bones or your flesh. Morning will come, and with it remembrance.
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