kairon13 (kairon13) wrote,

It's Poetry Month again

I'm going to crosspost poems here from my poetry thread on BookCrossing. (If you want more poetry check it out, there's some good stuff being posted there.)

First one:

Into My Mirror Has Walked

Into my mirror has walked
A woman who will not talk
Of love or of its subsidiaries,
But who stands there,
Pleased by her own silence.
The weather has worn into her
All seasons known to me.
In one breast she holds
Evidence of forests,
In th other, of seas.

I would ask her nothing yet
Would ask so much
If she gave a sign -

Her shape is common enough,
Enough shape to love.
But what keeps me here
Is what glows beyond her.

I think at times
A boy's bidy
Would be as easy
To read light into.
I think sometimes
My own might do.

Brian Patten

Tags: poetry

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