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More memeage

Would You Survey
Would you eat a bug?If I was very hungry or for a dare. I\'ve dared a friend into eating baked worms!
Would you bungee jump?I don\'t think so.
Would you hang glide?I\'d love to and be terrified to - I\'m scared silly of heights but I would so love to fly.
Would you kill someone?Maybe to protect someone else. I like to think, too, that I would have the strength to help a loved one have a good death.
Would you kiss someone of the same sex?Would do, have done.
Would you parachute from a plane?Same problem with heights here - the idea attracts and repels.
Would you walk on hot coals?Yes
Would you be a vegitarian?No, but I\'d be a vegetarian. Working on it gradually. Vegan? that\'s another matter - I love cheese!
Would you instant message a stranger?No
Would you sing karaoke?Only if very drunk or feeling sadistic
Would you run a red light?Don\'t drive, but if I did I wouldn\'t.
Would you shoplift?If I was desperate enough - I\'m grateful I\'m not. But not just to have things.
Would you dye your hair blue?Yes, or purple for preference.
Would you be on survivorNo
Would you wear make-up in public?Not on a regular basis, but now and again for fun.
Would you not wear make-up in public?Of course
Would you cheat on a test?Not a serious one - but I might try to influence the outcome of a frivolous one.
Would you make someone cry?Not deliberately, but I have done and may do again
Would you date someone more than 10 years older than you?Would do, have done.
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Apr. 8th, 2006 05:40 am (UTC)
am i the only one around here who hasn't kissed someone from the same sex yet?
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