kairon13 (kairon13) wrote,

Fifty things that delight

For artspark

1. Rainbows.
2. Bold starlings almost at my feet.
3. A hug from a friend.
4. The colour purple.
5. Tiger-eye caught in sunlight.
6. k d lang singing 'Hallelujah'.
7. A nectarine at just the perfect stage between too hard and over-ripe.
8. A child laughing just because.
9. Bubbles against a blue sky.
10. A poem that catches the breath and shivers the skin.
11. A soft kiss at the junction of neck and shoulder.
12. Finding the perfect gift for a friend.
13. Unexpected mail.
14. Stroking the soft fur behind Tarot's ear.
15. A drawing that comes out - not the way I originally meant it, but *right*
16. Solving a really difficult crossword.
17. Smiling at strangers.
18. Silly conversations in LJ comments
19. Rhinoceroses
20. Teddy bears
21. Discovering a new author.
22. Finding a new book by an author I love.
23. Dancing till midnight.
24. The first green shoots of spring.
25. Sparkling elderflower.
26. Orange and geranium chocolate.
27. Sharing my thoughts with a friend.
28. A friend sharing her thoughts with me.
29. Blank notebooks - full of possibilities.
30. Good pens.
31. An extra hour in bed.
32. The tiny blue poison-arrow frogs in the museum.
33. Netsuke.
34. The painting of Sappho.
35. Kittens - especially in conjunction with string, wool or balls with bells.
36. Lavender and clary sage.
37. A journal entry for a released book.
38. All things in miniature - dolls house furniture especially.
39. A scalding hot shower.
40. Silk next to my skin.
41. Dragonflies.
42. The Unconvention.
43. Candy with glow-in-the-dark wrappers.
44. Fimo.
45. Kinder eggs.
46. Sparrows.
47. Clear nights and starry skies.
48. Dreams of flying.
49. Dragons.
50. Playing games with a friend.
Tags: artspark

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