kairon13 (kairon13) wrote,

Artspark #11 Fifty ways to be ...

For artspark
I took the easiest one, and it's still harder than it looks...

1 Have no bones while sleeping
2 Stalk things invisible to the human eye
3 Change size at will
4 Walk through closed doors
5 Know that that piece of string is a snake, enchanted
6 Sniff flowers and sneeze
7 Trip out on catnip
8 Strrrrrrrrrrrrretch
9 Poggle the cushions with a faraway expression
10 Scorn all offerings of food with a look of profound hurt
11 Steal the juiciest morsel from the plate
12 Stalk magpies, then realise your folly
13 Offer your tummy shamelessly for stroking
14 Sit for hours in contemplation
15 Leap around frantically for half an hour
16 Disdain squeaky mice
17 Kill wrapping paper
18 Cough up hairballs in unexpected places
19 Stave off annoyance with a purr
20 Worship the sun with stretches and prostrations
21 Lick an elegant paw
22 Express volumes with a flick of the tail
23 Call no man master - no woman either
24 Walk alone
25 Seek warmth
26 Sleep on stacks of clean linen
27 Sleep on open books
27 Sleep on laps too soundly to be moved
28 Make small grunts of protest when disturbed
30 From a half-opened eye, see everything that happens
31 Spring up from sleep fluidly to action
32 Keep your claws razor-sharp
33 Be startled by sneezing
34 Hiss fiercely then forget your anger
35 Chase sunbeams and torch rays
36 Reflect the moon
37 Share warmth
38 Be worshipped
39 Express your mood with your ears
40 Know more than you're telling
41 Relax
42 Nap whenever the mood takes you
43 Demand more
44 Hide in shadows
45 Trust your nose
46 Wash thoroughly and with pleasure
47 Roll around just for the hell of it
48 Never come when called
49 Know that rules are made to be broken
50 Love who you choose, when you choose.
Tags: artspark, cat

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