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For artspark Artspark#17

Write your obituary. You can choose to write it as if you died today, or as if you lived to a ripe old age (and colonized Mars, if you like)..

Kairon13 (1955 - 2056) (also known as Constantweader)

left her current body this Friday, at the age of 101, surrounded by her friends and adopted family.

The first half of her life was, as far as is known, fairly uneventful.   She was apparently a precocious child, and a bright adolescent of whom great things were expected, but she lacked the ambition and competitiveness to fulfil that early promise.

Her life changed, however, in the first decade of the twenty-first century, when she became an early member of the now-legendary 'Artspark' movement, an international collective of writers, artists and other creators founded and inspired by the world renowned and multi-talented KitsuneCharmed.

She was one of the founder members of the  Artspark Community,  and in later years commuted between the Community's tranquil home in Oregon and her home in Manchester.

Her written work includes the volumes of poetry  The Mirror and the Marionette, The  Heart Knows, and Like Bubbles in Sunlight,  as well as several series of fantasy novels.  She is also known for her evocative paintings and pastels.

She had no children, but will be remembered as Auntie Constant by several generations.

She had always vowed to lead a  disreputable life in her old age, and in that she succeeded.  She will be greatly missed by her harem of cuties.

She is reported to have died happily, while laughing at an absurd conversation amongst her friends.

The wake will be held next Thursday.  Goths may wear black, others are requested (though not ordered) to wear purple or rainbow colours.  The ceremonial bubble blowing will be held at  2:00 pm, or thereabouts. 

The epitaph she has requested on her memorial plaque reads 'Not bad, considering.'
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