kairon13 (kairon13) wrote,

For artspark Spark #28 Write a set of instructions in verse.

How to stroke a cat:

Approach the cat with caution;
Be mindful of his mood.
Don't  shout or stare him in the eye:
He's sure to find that rude.
Crouch down to near his level,
Extend a cautious hand
With fingers curled, not straightened -
Slowly, you understand.
Speak gently and politely
And he may condescend
To weave around  you, bump you,
And show you his rear end.
Stroke firmly but not roughly
And always *with* the fur
In long smooth strokes to start with
Till he begins to purr.
As you become accustomed
To his desires, begin
To find his favourite places -
Between the ears, the chin,
And if he really likes you
He may just let you tickle
The soft fur of his tummy -
But (warning) cats are fickle
And what he liked this morning
He won't abide tonight -
So stop if he starts growling.
Remember, he can bite.
Tags: artspark, cat, verse

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